Individual experiences are valuable, but they are more powerful when they amplify together. We believe that when narratives are communicated successfully, they invite others and give others permission to believe that each of us can change the rules of the economy.

Criterion’s communications infrastructure expands the reach of these stories in an effort to normalize the cultural shift around finance as a tool for social change. We accomplish this by broadcasting narratives and images that reinforce the identities and the authority of the individuals and institutions who are in engaged in this work.

In addition to our daily communications work, we are undertaking two major amplification projects. First, we are collaborating with leaders in the field of gender lens investing to produce a blog mesh to highlight developments in the field and the pathways to the future as articulated in Criterion’s The State of the Field of Gender Lens Investing report. Joy is also in the process of co-authoring a book about discovering God’s economy with Matt Boulton, a Professor of Theology and current President of Christian Theological Seminary.

Our theory of change contains six foundational elements: cultural reframes, invitations to simple action, a base of leaders equipped for this work, design and demonstration of new possibilities, institutional structures to sustain leadership, and amplification of the work.

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