Grace compels us to embrace the world as it is and see its problems as places where new possibilities can emerge. When grace is a fundamental value, we trust that there is a pathway to a better future. It comes as a gift, but we are partners in discovering it. We also experience grace in the way wisdom emerges from unexpected sources.
Grace allows us to meet people, organizations, and relationships where they are and to view everyone as someone with value. Our network is wide and inclusive. Grace means we welcome everyone, including people who walk through doors in many ways, from different places, and view the world through varying filters. Over the years, we’ve nurtured our relationships and seen amazing things happen. We trust the serendipity of connections and we operate our business to discover the rewarding possibilities that are created from the simple act of conversation.
We are not encouraging people to ask for power. We are helping them recognize and exercise the power they already have. We make connections visible so they see finance and the economy as a place where they can act, engage, and have influence.
Our mission is the empowerment of more people to participate in reinventing the economy. Through Grace, we equip people with different beliefs and from different communities to take up their authority and to see that they already have permission to take action.
Read more about our other values: invitation and hospitality.

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