For the past two years, Criterion Institute has been in collaboration with old and new friends about how we can use finance to address gender-based violence 

You may have seen previous newsletters or emails about our Convergence event, which was originally planned as a facetoface event in March but postponed due to COVID-19. As this current context continues to escalate, there is no more critical time than NOW to address gender-based violence. We have reframed our own event, recognizing the urgency to move from ideas and intent to ACTION and truly address this issue across sectors and locations.  

Convergence is a global call to action, and we hope you will join us no matter where you are in the world.  

We have taken Convergence to the next level by going digital, diversifying the programming formats and expanding to a month of action – from September 9 to October 1, giving participants a schedule with multiple touchpoints.   

We will host a global community of participants who are committed not just to ideas but to action. Throughout September we will be connecting participants to new people who share similar goals and interests and giving them time to synthesize and evolve ideas together with iterative programming. Programming will include small group workshops, curated networking moments, Criterion-led sessions, and more. 

If you join us, we will determine your needs, ideas, and availability during a participant interview before Convergence. This hyper-personalized approach will help us curate your unique experience, providing you with scheduled and optional programming. Participant spots are limited, and the curating of schedules has already begun. Please get your ticket today to schedule your participant interview ASAP. 


Convergence is not a passive conference and I hope that you will consider joining us and contributing your unique ideas and experience to address this year’s focus on gender-based violence.  

I cannot wait to see what we co-create.   



For general questions about the convening, or to inquire about sponsorship, please contact 


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