Criterion is devoting one-third of its resources over the next 5 years to finding ways for finance to address gender-based violence. One of our goals is to aggregate $1 trillion USD in intent from asset owners to invest in strategies for addressing gender-based violence. To do this, Criterion is engaging asset holders and asset managers to sign this letter of intent as a signal of their commitment to using finance as a tool to address gender-based violence. For more information, please read our FAQ on Influencing the Finance Sector to Address Gender-based Violence

I/we seek investment opportunities that address gender-based violence. ​ 

I/we recognize that gender-based violence is an epidemic affecting millions of men, women, and gender minorities worldwide; that the violence is rooted in structural inequities and power imbalances, intensified by differences in class, age, race, ability, and other factors; and that the impact of this violence is far-reaching with implications for individuals, families, communities, and nations.  

Moreover, the physical, social, and mental health consequences of gender-based violence can pose material risks to companies, sectors, and geographies. Violence, whether experienced at home or in the workplace, leads to lower productivity and higher absenteeism among workers, affecting the operations of businesses and sectors. From a political or country risk standpoint, research shows that violence against women is a better predictor of state instability than traditional measures such as level of wealth or democracy. Businesses and sectors with high rates of violence face ever-changing reputational risks, as movements like #MeToo shine a light on cultures of violence.  

By signing this letter, I/we commit to exploring a range of strategies, which may include direct investments in companies seeking to mitigate gender-based violence, approaches that calculate the risk of gender-based violence to geographies, industries, and companies, and/or screening best-in-class performers in and screening worst performers out of its investment portfolio.   

​I/we agree to: 

  • Have my and/or my company’s name publicly listed as part of this campaign. 
  • Communicate with my asset manager(s) regarding investment opportunities addressing gender-based violence. 
  • Share the commitment I/we made to influence other asset owners to sign this letter of intent.

For Frequently Asked Questions about this letter of intent, please click here.

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