In 2022, the Criterion Institute worked with the Capital 4 Development (C4D) Group as a leader in the field of gender-lens investing, exploring their investment processes that take an intersectional perspective of power dynamics in the specific local context. This approach has allowed C4D in India to identify and invest in unique opportunities and support their portfolio companies through consistent relationship building.

This webinar explored Criterion’s findings from this analysis, presenting the nature of flow-through of power dynamics from Limited Partners (LPs) to General Partners (GPs) to social enterprises and their customers. It also highlighted a number of unique processes and practices such as impact-linked carry for gender outcomes in this structure, from the perspective of the LP, GP and two social enterprises.


  • Joy Anderson, President and Founder, Criterion Institute
  • Sonia Srikuruwal, Investment Manager, Fund Investments
  • Arvind Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder, Capital 4 Development Partners
  • Gayathri Vasudevan, Chairperson, Labournet
  • Radhika Choudary, Director, Freyr Energy

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