Criterion expands who sees themselves in the work of reinventing the economy and what matters in decision-making in the systems of finance. Our latest innovation, TOOLKIT, provides a place to practice, to bring what you are working on and to design strategies that use systems of finance to create an economy that works for all.

In short, we have taken the terms, instruments, structures of finance and put them in a box and wrapped it in a sturdy framework that allows you to use the tools of finance to design for the social change you seek.

Gender-based violence presents a risk to any industry, company or geographic market. We can influence how that risk is assessed, the data investors see as valuable, and how investors and analysts respond in their analyses, structures and processes.

What are the social change strategies for using capital markets as a tool to address gender-based violence?

In these TOOLKIT workshops, we will lay out the strategies that we have identified and draw on the knowledge of participants in the room to identify additional opportunities for how to use the process of engaging capital markets as one of many approaches necessary to tackle this critical issue in the world

This workshop is both for people who work on gender based issues and want to explore finance as a tool for social change on those issues and also for investors who are working to incorporate gender analysis into their investment approach.

This workshop focuses on the role of churches in shaping the economy. This is both for investors and asset managers who want to explore how a theological imagination can inform investment strategies and for folks working in communities and through congregations to effect social change in their communities.

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Skoll World Forum
April 10-13, 2018

Each year, the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs, key thought leaders, and strategic partners gather at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School to exchange ideas, solutions, and information. Read more

AVPN Conference
June 2018

The AVPN Conference will bring together a diverse group of funders and resource providers from around the globe to take part in the largest gathering of philanthropists and social investors in Asia. This event provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and advocacy for the growth of the social sector ecosystem in Asia

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