Relationships drive our work forward.
We strive to bring 
into the ways we network and interact
to bring change to life.  


Collaboration without bounds:
We value relationships rooted in innovation, exchange of ideas, and expanding connections. In transitioning to a nonprofit, even more of our day-to-day is in relationships. Our network does not comprise a single market, but is an open network, and it is out of this seeming randomness that new thinking arises. We build trust quickly and play with a sense of openness and fairness. We pay attention to hospitality and carefully define the terms of the exchange as relationships move from formal to informal and to friendship.
Each one of our initiatives is supported by an amazing set of partners. Learn about the organizational partners that we work  in our Women Effect Investments initiative. Or, take a look at the amazing individuals who serve as our “kitchen cabinet” for the Church as an Economic Being initiative. Our list of collaborators grows by the day – from individuals to organizations and across geographies, sectors and industries.
Continue checking back as our growing list of talented collaborators becomes increasingly visible on our website!

Interested in partnering with us on one of our initiatives?  Get in touch so we can invite you in! The types of partnerships we form and stories of folks we engage with are intentionally wide-ranging. We believe this work is propelled by diversity of perspective and experience being at the table. Across each of our field-building initiatives, we are committed to inviting a diverse and passionate set of folks to the table – both the usual players and the newcomers to this space who bring invaluable perspective.

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