As part of our ongoing sponsored research project into gender lens investing and public equities, we interviewed two of our generous sponsors, GCC and Calvert Foundation. These interviews look beyond public equities to understand how two investment funds far along in their gender lens investing journey have learned to see gender in their financial analysis and implement different lenses into their investment strategies.

The interviews were carried out by Kelly Northridge in Fall of 2016 and have been edited into publicly available podcasts which you can download below:

Criterion podcast episode 1: Grand Challenges Canada on gender lens investing

Criterion podcast episode 2: Calvert Foundation on gender lens investing

We hope you find these enlightening and useful – we’ll publish corresponding blog posts alongside our research when it’s released later in the year.

If you’d like to discuss getting involved in this or a similar research project as a sponsor or would like to be notified when the research is released, please let us know.

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