The following webinar series, produced by USAID and published here with permission, provides a useful introduction to the field of gender lens investing. It features USAID’s Patty Alleman and Joy discussing using gender as a tool for financial analysis in both theory and practise.

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Introduction (0:44)

Patty Alleman introduces the webinar program and goals.

Module 1 (15:23)

Finance assigns value within a system of power, relationships and processes. Joy Anderson considers where gender analysis might be introduced through a series of reframes or ‘lenses’.

Module 2 (13:02)

This module considers how finance assigns value and walks through some ways you might use existing datasets to help the right people in finance see gender analysis as a missed opportunity for growth.

Module 3 (16:04)

Moving beyond data to the people involved in financial systems. How might we shift power in that set of relationships and influence individuals to work differently?

Module 4 (13:44)

Joy and Patty look at the processes behind how people make their decisions – and which of these can be leveraged for change.

Module 5 (15:05)

In the final module, we discuss the broader field of gender lens investing and how working with different actors from across the financial and gender spectrums might more effectively bring about structural change.

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