Since our founding in 2002, we’ve created various tools and resources focused on transforming relationships of power in finance. We connect with social change leaders across different sectors, to bring people together to reframe and demonstrate new ways to shape our financial systems.

Below we’ve highlighted some of these and we will continue to add to this as new resources are created.

We hope you find these useful in your work and encourage you to reach out to share your thoughts at

Congregations Stories: Emmanuel Lutheran’s Micro-lending Initiative Part II

From Mountaintop through the Valley of Implementation   Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Naples, FL conducted its first 1K micro-lending retreat in April, 2018. The retreat lasted 7 hours on a Saturday at the church. Although we had never done any project like the IK micro-lending initiative, especially using a one-day retreat...

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Congregational Stories: Youth and Adults Combine to Complete 1K Bible Study in a One-Day Retreat

Leaders from Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Naples, Florida, report this month on their highly successful intergenerational retreat, during which they completed the entire five-session 1K Bible study on a single Saturday, engaged significantly across generations and cultures, and planned how to move forward with two micro-loans in their community....

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Video: A Spiral Of Change: Understanding The Investment Impact Of Sexual And Gender-Based Violence

  From Cornerstone Capital: Recently, Cornerstone Capital’s Head of Impact Strategy, Katherine Pease, sat down for an in-depth discussion with two leading figures in the field of gender-focused investment and philanthropy, to discuss the role that investors and finance can play in addressing gender-based violence in companies and society....

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Reflection: Finance and Gender Experts in Vietnam Shape a Growing Community of Practice in Gender Lens Investing Across Southeast Asia

Over 40 gender and finance experts came together with community leaders in Ho Chi Minh City for a two-day workshop on gender lens investing. This event provided an opportunity to frame, identify and debate a shared vision for how to include gender in investment decisions. As investments across Southeast...

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Implementing A Gender Strategy: Grand Challenges Canada’s Story

Following four years of engagement with Grand Challenges Canada, an initiative funded by the Canadian government, Criterion is excited to share insights and learning in “Implementing Grand Challenges Canada‘s Gender Strategy.” The white paper demonstrates how a thorough gender analysis—one that documents patterns in how gender and its relationship with other factors like race, ethnicity,...

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Growing the Field: Finance and gender experts brought together in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, 2 February 2018 – Over 70 investors, business and finance leaders, and gender experts from Southeast Asia came together at the Australian Embassy for two days to identify, and debate opportunities for success in gender lens investing – the practice of using capital to advance gender equality and...

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Reflection: Gender Lens Investing Field-Building Event in Jakarta

This re-cap of the gender lens investing field-building event hosted in February by Investing in Women partners was contributed by ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia). Gender Lens Investing Field-Building Event in Jakarta contributed by ANGIN (Angel Investment Network in Indonesia) Criterion Institute held a two-day Gender Lens Investing workshop...

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Reflection: Finance as a Tool to Address Gender-Based Violence Workshop, January 22-23, 2018

This was contributed by Nina Weissberg. Nina Weissberg, CEO of Weissberg Investment Corp (WIC), guides a diverse portfolio of long-term real estate commitments in the Greater Washington, DC community. In 2017, she joined the board of the Criterion Institute to focus energy on gender and social change through capital markets.   Last...

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Video: Pacific RISE and Gender Lens Investing

Pacific RISE will use gender lens investing to incorporate gender into financial analysis to improve investments and promote equitable social change. For more information visit: Related Resources Video: Why Develop an Investment Thesis? Video: Resilience and Climate Change in the Pacific Demonstrating New Possibilities: The Pacific RISE Investment Thesis

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Video: Ideas to Action: Accelerating Gender Lens Investing – Joy Anderson

On November 28-29, 2017, Wharton Social Impact Initiative presented an invitation-only event convening for investors and advisors who are moving capital with a gender lens in Philadelphia for a day and a half of highly interactive action-oriented workshops, discussion, and collaboration. Wharton Social Impact Initiative and Suzanne Biegel presented a generous group...

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Congregational Stories: Micro-loan Curriculum by University United Methodist Church

In 2016, University United Methodist began offering interest-free micro-loans of up to $1,000 to existing small businesses and start-ups in greater Austin, Texas. Through their experience, they developed this two-Sunday curriculum and PowerPoint to introduce church members to church-based micro-lending. They’ve made these resources publicly available congregations. Here is their...

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Design Session: Finance as a Tool to Address Gender-Based Violence

In July 2017, we partnered with InFaith Community Foundation and Futures without Violence to bring together a group of over 30 leaders from women’s rights organizations, philanthropy, and finance to think together about strategies to affect gender-based violence. The session was inspired by our partners at InFaith Community Foundation’s recent announcement of a...

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Reflection: Experiencing TOOLKIT

Since 2016, Criterion Institute has been delivering our signature workshop, TOOLKIT for Using Finance for Social Change to audiences throughout the globe. Participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors, including foundations working to end domestic poverty, women’s rights organization promoting gender equality in government policy, t...

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Report: State of the Field of Gender Lens Investing

Criterion Institute’s President, Joy Anderson, and Katherine Miles authored the State of the Field of Gender Lens Investing report documenting a comprehensive history of the field and strategies for the road ahead. The report, published in October 2015, narrates the history of Gender Lens Investing, offers several strategic road maps for the...

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Reflection: Gender Lens Investing – From Margins to Mainstream

In this article, Stephanie Marton, Associate Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, presents a practical and strategical perspective to approach Gender-Lens Investment. Distinguishing the philanthropic cause of gender equality from pure market opportunities, Stephanie emphasizes that the message of gender-lens investing needs to be reframed in order to attract...

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Reflection: Gender Lens Investing by Linda Scott of Double X Economy

After a conversation with Criterion’s Joy Anderson about gender lens investing, Linda Scott, the DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Saïd Business School at Oxford, wrote this compelling blog post about gender lens strategies in finance. In it, she discusses developing a system for valuing investments along gender dimensions. Check...

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Reflection: System Changers Meeting in London

Inspired by a meeting in London with Criterion’s Joy Anderson and other leaders engaged with systems change, Linda Scott, the DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Saïd Business School at Oxford, wrote a blog post looking at women’s gendered role in economics throughout history. In her post, Scott examines the...

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