Since our founding in 2002, we’ve created various tools and resources focused on transforming relationships of power in finance. We connect with social change leaders across different sectors, to bring people together to reframe and demonstrate new ways to shape our financial systems.

Below we’ve highlighted some of these and we will continue to add to this as new resources are created.

We hope you find these useful in your work and encourage you to reach out to share your thoughts at

Congregations Stories: Emmanuel Lutheran’s Micro-lending Initiative Part II

From Mountaintop through the Valley of Implementation   Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Naples, FL conducted its first 1K micro-lending retreat in April, 2018. The retreat lasted 7 hours on a Saturday at the church. Although we had never done any project like the IK micro-lending initiative, especially using a one-day retreat...

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Congregational Stories: Youth and Adults Combine to Complete 1K Bible Study in a One-Day Retreat

Leaders from Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Naples, Florida, report this month on their highly successful intergenerational retreat, during which they completed the entire five-session 1K Bible study on a single Saturday, engaged significantly across generations and cultures, and planned how to move forward with two micro-loans in their community....

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Congregational Stories: Micro-loan Curriculum by University United Methodist Church

In 2016, University United Methodist began offering interest-free micro-loans of up to $1,000 to existing small businesses and start-ups in greater Austin, Texas. Through their experience, they developed this two-Sunday curriculum and PowerPoint to introduce church members to church-based micro-lending. They’ve made these resources publicly available congregations. Here is their...

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