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“It was an amazing opportunity to learn, network and explore new solutions. It helped me uncover strategies to strengthen RSF’s Women’s Initiative.” – Deb Nelson, VP of Client and Community Engagement, RSF Financial

Whether you are part of a foundation working to end domestic poverty,  a women’s rights organization promoting gender equality in government policy, a not for profit building sustainable housing in Asia, a donor agency who wants to invest in people who can better translate and bridge between gender and finance, or an impact investor who want to incorporate gender analysis, this TOOLKIT workshop is designed to help you tackle your sticky problems in a safe space while simultaneously learning about and experimenting with ways you might use the systems of finance as a tool for social change.

Throughout the TOOLKIT workshop we will use a series of reframes to aid you in seeing the leverage points within finance you may already have.  You will learn where to include data that matters to you into the analysis that matters to the systems of finance. Through the clear outlining of the relationships and structures of finance, you’ll identify areas you might use to move your particular issue forward. And lastly by taking a deep dive into how and why financial systems are regulated you will find a better strategy of how and when to use these rule sets and processes to your advantage.

TOOLKIT is workshop that requires your full participation, and for good reason; you’ll leave this workshop with a cool deck of cards, a new understanding of the systems of finance, some great ideas, and several strategies on how you can lever the system of finance as a tool to for the social change you’d like to see in the world. Regardless of your starting place or experience level with the language and systems of finance you will find that TOOLKIT is the much needed bridge between those that speak finance and those who don’t.

We look forward to seeing you.

We are committed to expanding the public workshops we offer in other parts of the United States and across the globe. We are happy to partner with you as plan where to take this next and we are happy to talk to you about private TOOLKIT workshops that focus on the specific questions you are working to address. email us


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