Criterion provides training and research to equip people of the church and the churches themselves to discover God’s economy and bring their distinctive faith perspectives to tables where the economy is being reinvented to work for all.

Criterion has also initiated an ongoing collaboration with seminaries, the institutions charged with training leaders and furthering theological research on behalf of the church. Together we are building a catalog of resources at the intersection of theology and the economy.

The best way for congregations to get involved in discovering God’s economy is through the 1K Churches Bible study, which connects economic issues to our faith and leads the congregation to making a small loan to a small business in their community.  This simple action and the groups’ ongoing theological reflection benefits a local business and the community, while it forges new relationships beyond the congregation and encourages members to see all their relationships, including their economic relationships, through the lens of faith.

Getting Started with 1K Churches

1K Churches Overview
1K Churches Getting Started Guide
Pathway Implementation Guides and Related Resources

Bible Study Resources

1K Churches Bible Study – Participant Guide
1K Churches Bible Study – Facilitator Guide
1K Churches Prayer Book

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