Criterion is currently involved in a collaboration with several seminaries discussing and creating strategies around Discovering God’s Economy.

Discovering God’s Economy offers a radical new approach to making the current debate about the economy more responsive to the concerns of people of faith. The church, the seminaries of the church, and faith like-minded faith based organizations have an opportunity to engage one of the most pressing issues of our time by joining in this innovative initiative, and adding their theological strength, practical experience, and institutional weight. Working together to bring the voice of faith to the reinvention of the economy not only benefits society. It also strengthens the church as it demonstrates the relevance and transforming power of faith and the institutions that form and support faith. Discovering God’s Economy is a clear and compelling way for the church to live out its mission as the body of Christ in the world.

The Seminary Collaboration is designed to support the member organizations in their respective initiatives to connect faith and the economy and to foster joint efforts among them.  Individually and together these collaborators and the institutions they represent are contributing to a field of thought that connects faith and the economy through their writing, research, teaching and community outreach.  Through ongoing conversations in person and by teleconference, the collaborators themselves are able to learn together and to strengthen, encourage and support one another over the long haul.

This work is promising and profoundly important.  It is also far-reaching and long-term, beyond the capacity of any one seminary, center, or institute. Together the members of this collaboration bring to this work a diversity of gifts, resources, personnel, relationships, and traditions. We believe that by convening these partners in theological education together to share philosophies and resources, we can help foster the work of engaging Christians to see themselves as effective agents in transforming the economy from the perspective of faith.

Please contact us if your seminary or theological teaching organization would like to participate.

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