TOOLKIT – for Using Finance as a Strategy for Social Change


Criterion Institute invites you to participate in a one-day TOOLKIT Workshop designed to give people of faith a practical experience in connecting their theological imagination with systems of finance. You will learn about and practice ways to use finance as a tool for effecting social change in the world. TOOLKIT San Fran

TOOLKIT is for people grounded in faith but unfamiliar with systems of finance. It is also designed for people who know finance but want to deepen the connection to their religious convictions.

If you are an impact investor who seeks to inform financial decisions with what you believe;

If you are leading an effort in your church to address pay-day lending, or the welfare of agricultural workers, or low-income housing, or literacy;

If you represent a foundation supporting faith-based initiatives to build the economic strength of communities;

If you have made new connections between faith and finance through a 1K Churches Bible study in your local congregation and want to know more;

IF you intrigued by the image God’s economy that works for all;

THEN the TOOLKIT Workshop is for you!

Please contact us to learn more about bringing TOOLKIT to your area.


We are committed to expanding the public workshops we offer in other parts of the United States and across the globe. We are happy to partner with you as plan where to take this next and we are happy to talk to you about private TOOLKIT workshops that focus on the specific questions you are working to address. email us


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