Criterion has formed a partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). ELCA World Hunger has adopted 1K Churches as a pilot project in its drive to engage its members in addressing root causes of poverty and to affect how they see their role in shaping the economy.

To implement the 1K Churches program in the ELCA,  the denomination has added  a new churchwide staff member, Megan Neubauer, who also works closely with Criterion staff.  We encourage Lutherans who want to participate in this ELCA pilot project to be in touch with Megan at Whether you are a bishop of a synod, a Director for Evangelical Mission (DEM), a parish pastor, or a lay member of a church group, Megan is your resource for how your part of the church can get involved in 1K Churches.

For all other inquires contact Phyllis Anderson, who joined Christian as a strategic advisor in 2013.  She is an ELCA pastor and retired Lutheran seminary president, and works to help groups from many denominations and traditions to  implement 1K Churches.  Her email is

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