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The 1K bible study name comes from the goal to involved one thousand (1K) congregations of all denominations in this grassroots movement, which was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2012.

The 1K bible study connects economic issues to faith and leads your group  through  making a small loan to a small business in your community.  This simple action benefits a local business and the community, while your congregation is enriched by  forging new relationships and learning  to see all of your  relationships, including your  economic relationships, through the lens of faith.

You can become part of this movement as a denominational partner, a participant in a local 1K Churches Bible Study, as the Bible study facilitator, as a member of the group that implements the loan,  and the Steward who helps organize the group or groups that do the study and implement the loan. Or if you have connections to multiple church groups that would benefit from the 1K Churches experience, we’d love to have you be a 1K Churches Ambassador, inviting more congregations to join the movement and start their own 1K Churches Bible studies.

We are funded by a wonderful group of donors who care about this work. Click here to join them in making a designated gift to 1K Churches.

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