1. Participants engage in Bible based study and discussion about God’s economy  with a group of 10 to 15 members of your congregation or other friends over the course of five sessions. With this theological grounding, the group will then make key decisions about the loan process ahead: the source of the loan capital, the amount of capital to be offered as a loan, the mission focus, and the loan model, chosen from the five investment pathways introduced in the Bible study.
  2. Many Bible study participants will also continue to serve as the Implementation Committee. This committee is responsible for recruiting and selecting loan recipient(s) in the community, and for maintaining a continued relationship with them through the duration of the loan.
  3. Your primary resources, available from the Criterion website, are the Getting Started Guide, and the 1K Churches Bible Study itself.

You can become participate in 1K Churches in several ways, a participant and member of the group that implements the loan, as the Bible study facilitator, and the Steward who helps organize the group or groups that do the study and implement the loan. Or if you have connections to multiple church groups that would benefit from the 1K Churches experience, we’d love to have you be a 1K Churches Ambassador, inviting more congregations to join the movement and start their own 1K Churches Bible studies. Connect with us for more information.

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