The State of the Field of Gender Lens Investing in Asia, published September 2015,  documents a year-long collaboration between USAID’s Patty Alleman and Criterion’s Joy Anderson, during which they engaged 200 leaders working on gender lens investing in Asia. The report identifies leaders in finance and gender who are actively engaging in this field and are committed to pursuing future opportunities to advance gender lens investing in Asia.
Our field-building work in the region continues through the Investing in Women Initiative, which is bringing much of this learning to bear. Criterion is bridging expertise of gender and finance in the field of gender lens investing in the Asia-Pacific region through the following sets of activities throughout 2018:
  • Hosting field-building events in Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila to raise awareness and highlight new voices in the field through Investing in Women partnership
  • Engaging NGO’s in the Pacific and in Southeast Asia in developing tools relevant to investors
  • Sharing investment insights from gender experts in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
An initiative of the Australian government, Investing in Women seeks to catalyze access to the growth of a strong gender lens investing ecosystem in Southeast Asia. The purpose of the program is to improve women’s economic participation, build markets for women and influence the private and public sector environment to promote women’s economic empowerment in the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.
In addition, Criterion Institute has partnered with AVPNSheEO, Suzanne Biegel, Value for Women and Womanstats to bring global gender lens investing expertise to focus on Southeast Asia as the Investing in Women Gender Lens Advisory Group. This Gender Lens Advisory Group, led by the Criterion Institute, supports Investing in Women and its partners to grow the field of gender lens investing in Southeast Asia, particularly through the identification and support of local champion and demonstrate new possibilities in the region through direct support to IW-partners.


Investing in Women is an initiative of the Australian Government

Consortium Partners

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

Catalyst at Large


Value for Women


Key Areas

Gender Lens Investing in Asia; Tools for Investors

Project Lead

Kristen Yee

Ways to Get Involved

If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities or how you can get involved connect with us here.

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