The Bible Study is a resource to support congregations and individuals committed to discovering God’s Economy and transforming our own.
Through participating in a Bible study and investing in a community business, church members explore their call as economic actors.  Here is how it works. A small group from a congregation comes together for the five-session Bible study. They reflect on new ways to connect their faith with the economy and issues of economic justice in their local communities. They choose a social issue where they feel compelled by their faith to work for change. It could be anything from food security, to immigration, to veterans’ concerns, to the environment, to health. The Bible study ends in action, with the group making a small loan ($500 to $5000) to a small business in their community that advances the mission concern they have identified. Faithful reflection continues as the group lives into a respectful and caring relationship with the owner of the local business they have chosen. This experience changes how people think about their commercial transactions. It gives them courage and confidence to become more active, informed and faithful actors in shaping the economy over time to more closely resemble God’s economy.
Here are resources to help you whether you are just getting started, or already have a group of engaged congregants ready to move forward.
Getting Started with 1K Churches
1K Churches Overview
1K Churches Getting Started Guide
Pathway Implementation Guides and Related Resources
Bible Study Resources
1K Churches Bible Study – Participant Guide
1K Churches Bible Study – Facilitator Guide
1K Churches Prayer Book

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