This piece, written by Donella Meadows in 2012, has been an extremely valuable tool across all of Criterion’s market shaping initiatives. It explores the levers at our disposal for systemic change and assesses their relative effectiveness and impacts.

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System


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  1. William Fisher 11 years ago

    Well done! Those leverage points ought to be used widely to tell mountains from molehills in the landscape of sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation. Unfortunately, as Roberta Ness of the University of Texas School of Public Health points out in her new book, “Innovation Generation,” we are becoming risk averse and very conservative in the kinds of innovations we seek and fund. For more from Ness, see the recent story CNN did at: //

    For some recent work that speaks to the issues of self-organization, and paradigmatic and cross-paradigmatic mind sets, see:

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