Short Roadmaps

These roadmaps lay out insights for how finance can be used to address GBV in a range of sectors, asset classes, geographies, and investor types. Each articulates pathways for future research and strategy design. Investors and funders can partner with Criterion to build out the roadmap insights and turn them into strategies for action.

  1. Shifting Power Dynamics to End Sexual Exploitation in Kenyan Supply Chains
  2. Tracking Norms Change as Market Risk in Public Equities
  3. Gender-based Violence and Political Risk Analysis and Gender-Based Violence: A Hidden Indicator of Political Risk
  4. Valuing the State of Victoria’s (Australia) Plan to End Family Violence Impact on Investment Opportunities
  5. Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Kenya Through Targeted Investments
  6. Incorporating a Gender-Based Violence Lens in Development Finance Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks’ Infrastructure Investments
  7. Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Direct Investments in the Safety Sector
  8. Direct Investments in Media Companies that Aim to Change Gender Norms
  9. Creating a Holding Company to Bolster Gender-Based Violence Direct Service Providers’ Power
  10. Common Standards on Gender-Based Violence for Private Companies
  11. Reinterpreting Data to Assess the Risk of Gender-Based Violence in Public Equities
  12. Common Standards on GBV for Public Companies

Long Roadmaps

These deeply-researched roadmaps articulate in-depth strategies for how asset owners, asset managers, and nonprofit organizations can mobilize capital towards GBV. Investors and funders can partner with Criterion to amplify these strategies via events, tools, and communications to move actors from intent to action.

  1. A Roadmap for Private Investors: Investing to Address Gender-based Violence
  2. Roadmap for Christian Denominations to Use Finance to Reduce Gender-based Violence
  3. Roadmap for Development Finance Institutions: Strategies to Address Gender-based Violence


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