Analysis of Market Risk

Changes in cultural tolerance of gender-based violence can have a significant impact on investment risk: as norms change and tolerance for violence decreased, behaviors that may not have gotten much attention can turn into a source of negative publicity and impact stock price. Investors need a methodology for tracking norms change as part of their assessment of market risk.


Tracking Norms Change as Market Risk in Public Equities

Investing in research on norms change can help investors better predict when
gender-based violence moves from a chronic to an acute market risk

Audiences: Public equities analysts, asset managers, and pension funds
Type of violence: Workplace violence
Type of capital: Public Equities
Resources: Criterion Institute will shortly publish a framework and tool for assessing the market risk of gender-based violence in public equities.


Categories:   Types of Capital | Audiences | Sectors | Geographies | Investment Approaches | Types of Violence


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