Criterion is the leading think tank focused on using finance as a tool for social change.  Your tax-deductible donation will support our groundbreaking research, our ability to influence and change institutions, and hands-on training in the areas of the Christian church and gender lens investing in order to make an economy that works for all.

Criterion is a nonprofit think tank that works with social change-makers to demystify finance and broaden their perspective on how to engage with, and shift financial systems.  Criterion does this through a methodology and set of practices that move leaders beyond understanding finance to believing in their own ability use financial systems to advance the social change we seek.  Criterion is working towards a future where the power of our financial systems is widely used for social good.



Ensure that Criterion will continue to be a field-breaking leader.

Your gift allows us to conduct research and educate leaders beyond understanding finance to believing they can use finance for social change.  Our private donations come from individual gifts of all sizes.  Every gift makes a difference.

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With research, training, and institutional engagement addressing everything from quinoa production to the maternal health, you can decide how you’d like to direct your gift to Criterion.

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