Join us for a 2-part virtual TOOLKIT workshop on translating between gender and finance

Do you work to advance gender equality? Do you want to understand how to leverage the power of financial systems to support your social change agenda? Are you interested in learning about gender lens investing and how your work can intersect with and shape the emerging field?

Criterion Institute invites you to join us for a virtual TOOLKIT workshop designed to deepen the ability of those working on gender equality to use finance as a social change strategy. The TOOLKIT workshop, taking place during two 3-hour sessions over a two-week period, will equip participants to translate their knowledge, data sets, and expertise on gender equality to the language of finance.

Whether you are an advocate in a women’s rights organization, a community development facilitator in a nonprofit organization, a feminist movement actor, or a gender mainstreaming advisor within a donor agency, this TOOLKIT workshop is designed to help you unpack finance systems while simultaneously exploring possibilities of how you might use systems of finance as a tool to advance gender equality goals. Regardless of your starting place, experience, or comfort with finance you will find that the TOOLKIT workshop creates a much-needed bridge between gender equality actors and the world of finance.

Criterion’s TOOLKIT methodology utilizes a framework of five strategies for using finance for social change. Working within the strategies, the TOOLKIT will introduce participants to the terminology of finance – from different types of financial instruments and vehicles that facilitate the movement of capital to the various institutions, professional roles, and structures that govern the system – in order to uncover leverage points and opportunities to influence the system.

The online workshop sessions will be led by gender lens investing pioneer, Joy Anderson, Founder and President of the Criterion Institute. Joy will serve as your guide to the leading edge of what’s possible at the intersection of gender and finance.

This is a unique opportunity to expand your financial imagination and explore possibilities for using finance to advance gender equality goals. You will leave this workshop with a new understanding of your power to influence finance and use the system as a tool that contributes to the change you’d like to see in the world.


The TOOLKIT training is split into two parts. We are offering each part twice in order to ensure maximum participation across time zones.

Each participant must register for one Part I session and one Part II session and commit to attending both 3-hour sessions. For each part, please choose the session that is most convenient to your schedule.

Part 1 (Choose One)

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021
09:00am – 12:00pm EST

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021
06:00pm – 09:00pm EST


Part 2 (Choose One)

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
09:00am – 12:00pm EST

Tuesday December 14, 2021
06:00pm – 09:00pm EST


Cost and Time Commitment

TOOLKIT is a workshop that requires your full participation during two 3-hour sessions over two weeks. Criterion will be funding participants’ training fees, however, we encourage participants to purchase the TOOLKIT box of cards for the optimal training experience.

Participants in the United States may purchase a TOOLKIT box of cards by clicking here. Participants in other parts of the world may purchase a TOOLKIT box of cards by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you.

The Criterion Team


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