Our Values

Criterion’s work has, from the beginning, been driven by three core values: grace, hospitality, and the power of invitation.

These touchstones have consistently shaped the life of the organization, as well as our methodology and practices. In particular, they have driven us to think about invitations that are hospitable and grace-filled, and that convey that the world is already connected and that we all have the power of invitation. We endeavor to enact our values in all ways, always.

Grace compels us to assert that change is possible, even when others are overwhelmed, and to remain open to a variety of solutions and insights that often come from unexpected sources. Honoring hospitality allows us to make connections, bring people together, and seek the participation of a rich and diverse circle of conversation partners with respect for who they are and with the expectation that they will enrich us. We reflect invitation in the ways in which we think of ourselves as invited into this Criterion venture, which encompasses so much more than our core team, and as empowered to reach out to others. Knowing that an invitation is an event in itself, we take great care to invite people to consider unfamiliar ideas and to become leaders who exert influence and extend that invitation to wider circles.



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