We can’t innovate our way to a new future without addressing structural inequities in the design of any solution. And we can’t do this effectively without focusing on power: who has it, who doesn’t and why.
Our financial systems wield incredible power, yet they’re controlled by a relative few. Finance is also sustained by complex language and processes which stop those who would most benefit from understanding how they really work.
We work to transform relationships of power in finance by:

Inviting and equipping leaders to engage systems of finance 

We work to radically expand which change makers see themselves using finance, paying particular attention to those typically left out.

We craft meaningful invitations to engage and practice together, adapt our resources and tools to for new audiences, ground work in places to commit to and stay in difficult conversations on specific issues, build frameworks and practices that prioritize lived experiences, and amplify invitations and narratives to reach new audiences.

Imagining new approaches and strategies

We work with partners breaking past boundaries of current approaches to address power, expertise, and bias in investment strategies.

Focusing on Gender-Based Violence

We have made a long-term commitment to gender-based violence, directing one third of our resources over the next five years toward reimagining possibilities for using finance as a tool to effect change on the issue.

We are building a coalition of investors, engaging gender-based violence experts to design financial solutions, and working with fund managers to develop products that address gender-based violence. Through this work, our goal is to move US$10 billion in investment capital by 2022.

Here are some of our current projects:

If you are interested in finding out more about our current work, contact us here.

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