Volunteering with Criterion Institute

While we retain a core team of staff, the bulk of our work is powered by our amazing volunteers. Volunteer engagements have been largely impromptu and loosely structured, though some volunteers take on more sustained commitments and projects with us. We have had about 100 volunteers – ranging from impact investing leaders to students to financial professionals to retirees. If you care about this work and want to help advance market-changing initiatives, we want to work with you!

Please connect with us here to arrange a conversation if you are interested in learning more about volunteer experiences and opportunities with Criterion.

Testimonials from some of the others who have volunteered with us!

Alexis 2I had been an admirer and champion of Criterion’s work from afar and decided it was time for me to dive in deeper. I spent a few days a month thinking through some sticky issues about the future of markets and finance –  it challenged me, tripped me up, forced me to throw out first (and second and third) drafts, and work through some of the most complex sets of questions I have ever confronted. But as we all know, disrupting the status quo is never easy work. Especially alone. It requires a community who knows that our current economic system doesn’t make sense for our long-term prosperity, that it isn’t harnessing untapped opportunities, that it isn’t pulling the systemic levers for change. It requires a platform where we can collectively act on ideas and solutions for an alternative. 

And that is precisely what Criterion makes possible.

My time with Criterion exposed me to new frameworks to problem-solve and new methodologies for creativity, but most importantly, it exposed me to a collection of individuals foolish enough to truly believe that they will change the future. And not by one little step at a time, but rather by leapfrogging past “what’s good enough” to “what’s imaginatively possible.”  

Alexis Ettinger,  Gender Project Leader


bethI volunteer for Criterion because I have a passion for impact. Criterion is about rethinking markets. It is an organization that is focused on imagining new ways to tackle challenges. Criterion dares to design innovative approaches to issues society has accepted as the norm. Criterion is more than a think-tank though, it is a do-tank. 

I dedicate my time to Criterion because it has inspired and empowered me to actually change markets. The big, challenging ideas born at Criterion have attracted a community of passionate people like myself.  Together we collaborate to implement these big ideas.

Through my time and work at Criterion I have seen the 1K Churches initiative move from an idea, to a verbal commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative, to actual conversations that are happening now in congregations. Soon we will start to see churches investing in microbusinesses in their communities. This is the needle moving. Criterion is empowering people to think about how they can change the world. This is an impact I want to be a part of, and that is why I volunteer for Criterion.

Elizabeth Ritchey, 1K Churches Project Leader

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