Given Criterion’s current efforts to drive some strategic work forward, including the launch of the standards of practice tied to the ARISE Consortium, we have made the difficult decision to delay what we have planned for Convergence XX 2023 into the Fall of 2024.

We look forward to having you join us at Convergence XX in the Fall of 2024, as we explore injustice as a systemic risk, bringing together thought leaders and practitioners from diverse fields. Together, we will delve into questions such as: Who determines which emerging and ever-changing economic, socio-political, and market-related events are deemed systemic risks? How does finance assign value, and how can we change how that value is assigned to various social justice issues? What if we stopped seeing the inequities and injustices currently facing us as intractable? How would we invest differently today if we believed a just and equitable future were possible?

While this will be missed by all this year, we will continue to invite you to ideate and innovate with us through those meetings and in dedicated Synthesis calls throughout the fall and into 2024. Kindly consult our events tab for further details on dates and times.


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