As we continue to face challenges to achieving equality, we need to deploy all the strategies at our disposal to create the social change we seek. Finance is one strategy, along with media, policy, community activism and corporate engagement. In order to radically expand which change makers see themselves using finance as a tool for social change, we develop invitations and pathways into the conversation. Through this aim, we have developed a framework or blueprint in which we adapt for audiences to expand who has access to the tools and understanding of finance.
The blueprints center around the five strategies of using finance for social change that Criterion developed through our work over the past 16 years. They function as a model, to provide guidance. They are a metaphor for the technical process of developing a detailed plan or a program of action. The focus is on plans, rather than on case studies. Our blueprints’ work presents a framework that expands the imagination of leaders in a specific context, so they can transform design into reality.


Our first blueprint report, A Blueprint for Womens’ Funds was published in 2017, and written in partnership with Global Fund for Women and Ms. Foundation and sponsored by Wallace Global Fund.


With additional funding from Wallace Global Fund, we have released a second report, A Blueprint for International Non-Government Organizations in September 2018 in partnership with Oxfam America.


In August 2019, we released A Blueprint for Grassroots Organizations, produced with the support of Suzanne Lerner, Co-Founder and President of Michael Stars.


In October 2020, we have released our report, A Blueprint for Faith-Based Organizations in Milwaukee with support from a generous grant from the Siebert Lutheran Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can also download the Executive Summary here.


In February 2021, we released our most recent report, A Blueprint for Faith-Based Organizations.



Global Fund for Women

Ms. Foundation

Oxfam America


Wallace Global Fund

Suzanne Lerner

Siebert Lutheran Foundation

Key Areas:

Tools for Women’s Funds; Tools for INGOs; Tools for Grassroots Organizations

Ways to Get Involved:

Interested in funding our next Blueprint or have an audience who could use this resource? Connect with us here.

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