In July 2017, we partnered with InFaith Community Foundation and Futures without Violence to bring together a group of over 30 leaders from women’s rights organizations, philanthropy, and finance to think together about strategies to affect gender-based violence.
The session was inspired by our partners at InFaith Community Foundation’s recent announcement of a new $10 Million investment portfolio to address the root causes of domestic violence, and the possibilities for real change that can come from this investment. In that gathering, we relied on the strategies outlined in our Blueprint on Using Finance as a Tool for Social Change report, and we are continuing to shape those strategies as part of a multi-year initiative.
The WomenInvest InFaith Portfolio is a second-generation, impact investment portfolio for charitable assets of InFaith donor advised funds and organizational endowments. This innovative portfolio seeks investments in companies that do well when women thrive through employment, promotional opportunities, equal pay and positions in leadership. The WomenInvest InFaith Portfolio is also committed to outcomes that address violence against women by investing in women’s economic opportunity, access to education, affordable housing, and full participation in business and public decision-making.
By popular request, we released a presentation for the public, which walks through our strategies for using finance as one of many tools necessary to address gender-based violence and the insight development process we went through together to come up with potential solutions.
Download the PowerPoint here 
Finance as a Tool to Affect Gender-Based Violence


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