We have compiled great articles from 2012 to help your understanding of gender lens investing.
Goldman Sachs – Power of Purse
As women gain more bargaining and consumer power, the way of household spending has been changing. This article goes deep into the changing pattern of household spending spurred by empowered women consumers.
UN + WEF Global Gender Data
This report shows a global pattern of gender gap  in areas of economy, education, politics, and health. You can learn about 200 countries’ indexes and data.
Illuminate Ventures Whitepaper
Illuminate Ventures provides a report about the performance of women entrepreneurs and they will lead the growth of technology ventures.
Booz&Co. Empowering the third billion women and world of work in 2012
This report provides measures to see how different countries empower women to be economic agents in the marketplace. A great read to understand the interrelated impacts of policies, laws, and entrepreneurial support in the private sector.
McKinsey: Women Matter
This page provides many insightful reports about the potential of women entrepreneurs and leadership.
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
This project group is a result of the partnerships between the UN foundation, Shell corporation, and Accenture.
Credit Suisse: Diversity and Corporate Performance
The report by Suisse Foundation analyzes the relationship between gender diversity within corporations and the corporate performance. You will be able to gain insights into how corporate governance can be improved by women’s active participation
Boston Consulting Group: Leveling the Playing Field
BCG’s report shows the prospect of women as new wealthy and independent group who will provide significant opportunities for wealth managers.
Veris Guide to Gender Lens Investing: Women, Wealth, and Impact
This guide specifically talks about investment vehicles that reflect gender lens and shows how gender lens focus can make a strong business case
EBAN White Paper
The EBAN White Paper “Women and European Early Stage Investing: Strengthening European Entrepreneurship by Enrolling More Women in Early Stage Investing” is a call to action for all concerned with growing a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship, especially policy makers.
2010-2011 Prudential Research Study: Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women
The report examines the current landscape of women’s financial security and preparedness, and identifies the progress women have made as well as some of the challenges they continue to face in achieving their financial goals.
UN Food and Agriculture Infographic
A very cool infographic page that shows agricultural industry with the focus of gender gap and women empowerment

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