Over the last few decades, there have been significant innovations in faith-based investing. However, social investment strategies by Christian denominations have not yet extended to the issue of gender-based violence.

Criterion Institute, drawing upon longstanding partnerships with faith-based organizations, has developed a roadmap that provides a starting point for local congregations, church finance leaders, social ministries and educational institutions, political advocates, and future planners and thought leaders across Christian denominations to use their power and ensure that their investment decisions and involvement in financial systems incorporate a gender-based violence lens.

The Roadmap for Christian Denominations to Use Finance to Reduce Gender-based Violence draws upon the strong statements against gender-based violence of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and explores three strategies that the ELCA and other Christian denominations can use to translate their policy commitments into action: strengthening screens in faith-based investment portfolios, designing housing and real estate investments, and addressing the risk factor of economic insecurity due to student debt.

We invite you to read our publication, allow your financial imagination to be sparked, and partner with us on this critical issue.

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