Possibilities become reality when you connect with other people seeking to change the world. Then, anything can happen!

We believe that relationships begin with an invitation. At Criterion, invitation is both part of our Methodology and a core value of the firm. We value relationships rooted in innovation, exchange of ideas, and expanding connections. We build trust quickly and play with a sense of openness and fairness. We pay attention to hospitality and carefully define the terms of the exchange as relationships move from formal to informal and to friendships.

The social innovation movement is gathering momentum and making headlines. We are at a unique moment in history, where thought-leaders and practitioners can either come together in collaboration to shape the future we see, or experiment in isolation. Because we believe that bringing the social change community together results in exponential returns, we regularly make connections and throw events, such as:

  • We host our newest workshop, TOOLKIT for finance as a strategy for social change, all over the country.
  • We are deeply connected to and are a frequent presenter and participant at social change networks – SoCap, Social Venture Network, Investor’s Circle, Opportunity Collaboration, and B-Corporation to name just a few.


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